Current location: Ivana Meštrovića 2, Croatia

Let your dreams set sail

Welcome aboard the Ikigai.

You’re about to experience an unforgettable trip.

The Ikigai is setting sail on a memorable voyage. Come aboard.

Ikigai is Japanese for ‘reason to get up’. And anyone who knows this yacht would agree it provides more than enough reasons to get you up each morning, relishing a brand-new day on the open seas. Ikigai offers every conceivable comfort. Wonderful, spacious decks on which to enjoy a leisurely lunch, a bit of idle sunbathing or a long, magical evening under the stars. Two luxurious double cabins with private bathroom facilities. And below deck laid-back lounge areas and a superb galley. With a highly-experienced captain on board, the Ikigai will be making round-the-world voyages, as well as sailing various regattas. And you can be on board. See where you it would best suit you to join us. Sometimes the owner will be on board, in which case you are more than welcome as his guest. At other times, the yacht is available for you to rent. For rates and reservations, please mail us at

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44.119247, 15.2268801
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Crew defined: March 10th 2018


Captain Maurice Dun has been sailing ever since he can remember. He brings with him 15 years’ experience on charter yachts and a wealth of know-how. Maurice has sailed on both sides of the Atlantic and made multiple Atlantic and Pacific crossings. Whether it’s hidden beaches, remote islands, challenging regattas or trendy resorts, Maurice will be sure to seek them out for you. With his calm, friendly manner, he is a skipper who makes it his job to ensure your voyage will be an unforgettable one.